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Residential Experience

We know that learning occurs outside of the classroom, and within our residence halls—our living-learning communities seek to create an academic residential experience.

Sophomore Scholars, Earth Lodge, Global House, and Language Community: Suite-Style Living

Sophomore Scholars and our themed living-learning communities live in Lakeview Hall, Gray Court, and Freeman Hall. Situated in the heart of the residential areas on both the Richmond and Westhampton sides of campus, these residence halls provide an exceptional living experience, as well as foster community. Classrooms are located on the first floor or basement of each residence hall, and are where the classes associated with the communities meet.

"We would also often sit in the lounge and discuss everything from healthcare reform to sanitation problems in India to the obesity epidemic.  I love the way the program is set up because while class gave us the opportunity to be introduced to the topics, living together allowed us to talk more at length about them." — past SSIR student reflection

Lakeview, Gray Court, and Freeman feature co-ed suite-style living, predominately with two double rooms sharing a bathroom suite. 

Gray Court houses five SSIR and living-learning communities on the second and third floor centered around a community lounge. The lounge is great for group meetings, studying, or simply hanging out with fellow community members or members of other communities. A classroom on the first floor is where the associated class will take place. Gray Court is a popular residence hall for sophomores, which allows students to live with other members of their class, while still participating in a community.

Lakeview, which opened in December 2007 and was designed for living-learning communities, houses five SSIR communities, as well as the Earth Lodge program, throughout all four floors of the residence hall. Each floor has a large floor lounge for community space as well as laundry rooms on each floor. A classroom, group study room, computer lab and full kitchen are located on the first floor. Almost exclusively for SSIR and living-learning community students, Lakeview is an all-inclusive living-learning environment.

Freeman Hall houses Global House and La Casa Hispánica. Situated close to the Carole Weinstein International Center, Freeman provides easy access to cultural programs and support. The building also offers open lounges to promote conversation and community building. With a kitchen and classroom located in the basement, the building holds the perfect amenities to learn about different cultures and promote cross-cultural dialogue.  

Floor Plans

Gray Court (second and third floor)

Lakeview (entire building)

Freeman (first floor)

First-Year Living-Learning Communities: Traditional-Style Housing

First-year living-learning communities are housed in traditional-style buildings that feature double rooms with hall bathrooms. First-year residence halls also have floor lounges that students can socialize, study and hang out in. 

For floor plans, visit the Housing Office website.