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New Members for Sophomore Scholars and Living-Learning Communities for 2020–21

Congratulations on being selected to a Sophomore Scholars or Living-Learning community for the 2020–21 academic year! There are several next steps:

  1. Confirm Your Placement
  2. Meet Others in the Community
  3. Review Information Regarding Housing

To Confirm Your Placement 

In order to accept this placement next year, you will need to read and electronically agree to the terms of participation, which outlines the expectations for your level of commitment and participation in the community, by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, February 23, 2020. The link to accept or decline your offer was emailed to you. If you received multiple offers, please accept or decline each offer in the online form.

If you do not plan to accept your offer, please decline your offer as soon as you know; we made a large number of multiple offers, and we have other students who are on a waiting list to join this community. 

Meet Others in the Community 

Each community will host an opportunity for all of the students in this community to meet. This will give you a great chance to begin to get to know others in the community, discuss housing, and learn more about the next steps.  

Borders and Walls

Wednesday, March 4
7 p.m., Tyler Haynes Commons, room 310


Thursday, March 5
5 p.m., Tyler Haynes Commons, room 310

Human Rights and Modern-Day Slavery

Tuesday, March 3
6 p.m., Gottwald Science Center Conference Room (D100)

Paradox of the Cultivated Wild

Tuesday, March 3
4:30 p.m., Gottwald Science Center Conference Room (D100)

Reading to Live

Monday, March 2
6 p.m., Westhampton Center Living Room

Salsa Meets Jazz

Monday, March 2
7 p.m., Westhampton Center Living Room

Self-Discovery and Social Change:
Living a Life of Consequence

Tuesday, March 3
4 p.m., Tyler Haynes Commons, room 310

Stories of Work, Life, and Fulfillment

Wednesday, March 4
4:30 p.m., Tyler Haynes Commons, room 348

UR Living Well


Information Regarding Housing 

The Office of Living-Learning Programs will work with the Office of Residence Life and Housing to complete your room assignment in South Court (or Lakeview for Living Well) for next year. More specific information, including about gender inclusive housing options, will be shared about the housing process during the first-community meeting.

For SSIR Communities

  • Students participating in SSIR will live with another SSIR student(s), of the same gender, within a single, double, or triple room within South Court residence hall. Roommates may not necessarily be participating within the same SSIR course
  • After a student accepts their offer to participate in the program, they will be notified of all other members within the program
  • Roommates: students may request a roommate with another SSIR student(s). Students should use the "roommate matching" feature within StarRez to "link" with another SSIR student as a roommate. If a student "links" with a non-SSIR student, that link will be broken and a roommate match will be made with a SSIR student. 

For UR Living Well

  • Students may only live with other students accepted into the UR Living Well community in the designated floor/wing of the assigned residence hall: Lakeview Hall, fourth floor
  • Roommates: students may request a roommate, but not request suitemates. If both students request each other as a roommate, the request will be honored
  • Single Rooms: there are no single rooms within this community