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Themed Communities

Living-learning communities bring together a diverse group of students, where students live and take class together, as well as have opportunities to travel, become engaged in the community, and do research together.

Each living-learning community is led by dedicated and talented faculty members who prepare the experiential learning components and provide opportunities for students to combine their academic and residential experience. Communities are designed for students to create meaningful bonds and friendships with fellow classmates and connect their interests inside and outside of the classroom.

Earth Lodge

Earth Lodge community is an opportunity for students who have a passion for or simply recreational appreciation of the great outdoors. The community will participate in several outdoor themed activities during the year and provide opportunities for students to achieve certifications in outdoor related activities. The Earth Lodge is open to sophomore, junior, and seniors at the University.

UR Living Well

The UR Living Well community offers a unique shared living experience to students interested in pursuing a well-balanced life and improving their own personal health and well-being as well as that of the entire University of Richmond community. The UR Living Well community is open to sophomore, junior, and seniors at the University.

Fast Facts

Number of students per community: 20

Population: sophomores, juniors, and seniors

Residence Halls:
Lakeview Hall

Application timeline
Annually in February 

Additional cost to students: None