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The UR Living Well community offers a unique shared living experience to students interested in pursuing a well-balanced life and improving their own personal health and well-being as well as that of the entire University of Richmond community.  There is no unit-bearing course associated with the UR Living Well community, but residents will receive credit for one or both of their wellness graduation requirement courses (WELL 090) by participating in weekly gatherings and planning various wellness programming throughout the year.

Residents will also be able to participate in a wellness-related certification of their choice. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Bacchus Certified Peer Educator
  • NETA Certified Wellness Coach
  • A fitness-related certification
  • First Aid/CPR/AED

Programming in the UR Living Well community will be centered around the following themes:

Wellness Outreach and Peer Education

Residents of the UR Living Well community will work together to create outreach events throughout the year involving one or more of the eight dimensions of wellness. For example, they may promote social wellness at the beginning of the semester to allow for student engagement while focusing on emotional wellness programming later in the semester at a time when stress levels traditionally increase. They will also be able to assist with facilitating various wellness outreach lectures and small programs with specific campus groups.


Students in the community will become more aware of how their wellness behaviors are tied to their academic success and overall healthy living. They will build and enhance skills to achieve wellness and balance while developing a strong base to learn, experience, and grow. Speakers and practitioners from the greater Richmond community will be brought into the community to offer experiential learning involving self care practices such as meditation, physical activity and nutrition, sleep habits, social connectedness, stress reduction, and mindfulness.

Experiential Learning

Members of the UR Living Well community will be given a fitness tracker to keep and use for their own personal wellness as well as research and planning for campus wellness outreach programs. They will have opportunities to visit various facilities around Richmond to learn more about different wellness practices. There will also be carefully crafted trips during school breaks in collaboration with the Outdoor Adventure and Recreation program to allow for personal wellness reflection and growth.

Course Fast Facts

Number of Residents:
20, plus a dedicated resident assistant

Sophomores, juniors, or seniors

Faculty Advisor:
Sarah Sheppard

Students can receive one or two of their WELL 090 requirements by participating

Residence hall: