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Explore UR World is a first-year living-learning community for Richmond College students seeking to include new, international, and multicultural horizons in their first-year college experience. Explore UR World students also enroll in FYS 100: Across the Continents: Stories to Explore UR World, a course that starts the students’ First-Year Seminar requirement. In addition to taking the course together, participants engage throughout the year in a series of academic and socio-cultural activities designed to enhance their course and college experience, both on campus, as well as in the City of Richmond and the Central Virginia area.

Inside the Classroom

What can a story tell us about the world, about ourselves, about others like us, about others different from us, about our roles in the world, about the role of stories in the world? There is no better way to explore these questions than reading stories and discussing their values within our own cultural and multicultural moment. Engaging meaningfully and analytically with these texts, as diverse in time/epoch and medium as they are in style and geographical origin, will provide students with the perfect opportunity to reflect upon our fluid global community as they pertain to the most important story of all: the story of us.

Outside the Classroom

In addition to the course, participants will engage in various co-curricular, cultural, and academic events to further enhance the topics they explore in the classroom.  Depending on the overall theme of the course for that semester, students may:

  • attend literary readings on and off campus
  • see a play in one of Richmond’s many theaters
  • attend a Richmond Opera performance
  • go on a day trip to Washington, DC
  • explore international cuisine
  • just sit back and relax on movie night

Fast Facts

Dixon Abreu, Ph.D., Director of Portuguese
Latin American, Latino & Iberian Studies (LALIS)

Fall Course:
FYS 100: Across the Continents
Monday/Wednesday, 1:30-2:45 p.m.

Number of Participants: 16

Residence Hall:
Dennis Hall (single-gender community)

Sample Course Readings

Ghada al-Samman, Beirut ’75

Ondjaki, Granma Nineteen

Slavenka Drakulić, The Balkan Express

Leo Tolstoy, The Devil

Naguib Mahfouz, Fountain and Tomb