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Spinning Your Web

The Spinning Your Web (SYW) program is the oldest living-learning program at the University of Richmond, assisting first-year men in their transition to college life for over twenty years. The program attracts a diverse group of undergraduate students who share a common passion to work together in group settings and interested in leadership—many of these students go on to serve as leaders within other groups on campus such as honor council, residence life, student conduct and student government.

The students in SYW, nicknamed "Webbers," create fast friends and positive peer groups that last throughout their first-year by living and taking an academic course together. The Webbers are encouraged to learn more about themselves and each other by exploring these above questions inside and outside of the classroom.

Inside the Classroom

Students all enroll in the Games, Game Theory, and Leadership Studies first-year seminar. This course focuses on the principles of games and gaming; the relevance of game theories to societies, history, and geopolitics; and on the importance of these principles to issues of leadership and leadership studies. We will use a variety of games - board games, psychology games, videogames, and game theory - to examine significant concerns and issues relevant to discussion of leadership theories and practices. For example, the course might examine how the board game Monopoly brings to light issues of economics and class inequalities, as well as the way in which its mechanics enforce social and economic behaviors in the players.

Outside the Classroom

Outside the classroom, students connect what they have learned in their first-year seminar in practical ways. With their faculty member, students participated in an "Escape Room," as well as scaled the University's rope course as a community. Students can expect a day-trip to Washington, D.C. as a community, as well as explore the city of Richmond through a variety of group activities and dinners.

Course Fast Facts

Kristin Bezio, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Leadership Studies

Fall course:
FYS 100: Games, Game Theory, and Leadership?
Monday/Wednesday, 1:30-2:45 p.m.

Number of students: 16

Residence hall:
Dennis Hall

Sample Course Reading

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