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Women in Math and Science*

The Women in Math and Science* (WIMS*) community is for first-year women and all who identifies with Westhampton College interested in the sciences and mathematics. Students involved in the program reside together in a section of Moore Hall, and explore a shared interest in disciplines such as biochemistry and molecular biology, chemistry, biology, mathematics, computer sciencephysics, environmental studies, and pre-health

Inside the Classroom

Experimenting with human subjects.  Allocation of healthcare resources. Stem cell therapy. Organs for sale. Physician-assisted suicide. Genetically modified organisms.  Human enhancements.  Bioethical issues are constantly in the news and at the forefront of political, legal, and religious agenda. How do we make decisions about these critical issues? What information and principles guide ethical decision-making in biology and medicine and what are the consequences for humanity? In this first-year seminar, we will study historical and contemporary ethical questions in medicine and biomedical research and we will examine our moral responsibilities in a global society. We will learn to approach problems in bioethics from a variety of perspectives, guided by ethical principles and centered on an understanding of relevant concepts in human biology and scientific technology.

Outside the Classroom

  • Segway tour of historic Richmond
  • Hiking in a Virginia State Park or along the James River
  • Visit the Science Museum of Virginia in Richmond VA
  • Winter gardenfest of lights tour at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens
  • Guest speakers – women leaders in math and science
  • Hall bonding, board game nights, and special dinners with faculty and staff

Members of this community are encouraged, but not required to participate in the Fall Break experience to explore the city of Richmond.

*WIMS is open to all students who identify with Westhampton College

Fast Facts

Linda Boland, Ph.D.

Fall Course:
FYS 100: Bioethics
Monday/Wednesday, 1:30-2:45 p.m.

Number of students: 16

Residence hall:
Moore Hall