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Propose a Sophomore Scholars Course

To submit a proposal for a Sophomore Scholars in Residence course:

  • Complete the proposal and submit online by December 1, 2017
  • Download the SSIR Course Support Form, follow those instructions, and send via campus mail to Andrew Gurka, living-learning programs (Boatwright Admin Wing, suite 01)

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Proposal for an SSIR Course

First name*

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Faculty status

Tenured status


Phone (include area code)*

Tentative course title*

Is this a new course or an existing course you will redesign to meet the program’s rigorous assessment requirements and ambitious educational objectives?

If redesign, indicate the current course name and number:

If a new course, indicate what department, program, or school will support the offering:

Detail SSIR Course Proposal

Course description:(summary paragraph)*

Most significant learning objectives (three to five are sufficient):*

Possible readings:

Examples of potential class activities:

Example(s) of potential group projects in the spring semester:

Please answer each of the following questions succinctly (at most 500 words):
1. Describe how the course has the potential to promote academic excellence, critical thinking, and creativity. Provide some examples.

2. Describe how the course will enhance students’ communication skills, team building skills, and leadership skills. Provide some examples.

3. How will this course impact sophomore students in terms of the developmental issues they might face during their second year, such as choice of major, career path, or lack of engagement.

4. Summarize the value-added aspects of the course, and be specific about what is new and innovative. What will this course contribute that is not available?

Would you be able to offer this course in 2019–20 as well as in 2020–21? (This simply helps the director plan ahead and does not affect your proposal.)


Detail SSIR Course Proposal

All SSIR faculty agree to:

  • Participate in the SSIR Faculty Learning Community (meets monthly during 2018–19 academic year)
  • Assist with training and advising subsequent cohorts of participating faculty members
  • Be involved in the interviews and selection of a SSIR community resident assistant
  • Be involved in the recruitment and selection of SSIR community students
  • Be involved and committed to the assessment aspect of the project

If you have questions or simply want to discuss your proposal, please contact Andrew Gurka, director of living-learning programs. 

By submitting this form I agree that if selected as a SSIR faculty member, I will accept these responsibilities.