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SSIR Course Development Timeline

Because Sophomore Scholars in Residence courses involve creating a two-semester experience both inside and outside the classroom for students, significant planning occurs while the courses are under development. 


Fall 2016
Proposals are accepted from faculty who wish to offer courses in 2018–19. Interested faculty should discuss their proposals with the director. The proposal deadline is December 1, 2016.

December 2016
Proposals are reviewed by the Student Co-Curricular Academic Initiatives Commitee; the committee then recommends a slate of courses for the 2018–19 academic year to the University Faculty Senate for approval.

2017–18 Academic Year
Faculty participate in the faculty learning community to develop syllabi, work out logistical details required to offer a course with a residential component, and get any new courses formally approved by the appropriate academic bodies. During this time, resources (including a course release in either the fall or spring semester) are available to faculty developing SSIR courses. Faculty will assist in the interview and selection process for their community's resident assistant. Faculty also have a significant role in the recruitment, as well as the interview and selection of students who apply for the community.

Fall 2018
The course is offered. Continued participation in the faculty learning community.

Spring 2019
The independent study and capstone projects are completed. Continued participation in the faculty learning community.

Student Selection Timeline

Faculty have a role in the recruitment, interview and selection of the students in the community, as well as the resident assistant who will help lead the community.

Resident Assistant Interview & Selection:
late January–early February

Student Recruitment:
several events between November–February

Student Interview & Selection:
mid-to-late February