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Students will have the opportunity to travel to the Caribbean to visit one of the regions where modern human populations from different parts of the globe crashed into each other 500 years ago. At the end of the fall semester, we will visit Belize, where we will snorkel on the coral reefs in this part of the world to gain a first-hand appreciation of marine diversity, and the depth of our ocean roots. Students should expect to be in the water everyday during the trip.


Sophomore Scholars in Residence has partnered with the Belize Marine Tropical Research and Education Center (Belize Marine TREC), who's mission is “dedicated to research, educaiton and conservation" of the reef. Located in San Pedro Island, students will:

  • Snorkel at various sites, including:
    • Pillar Coral
    • Tres Cocos
    • Mangrove site
    • Coral Gardens
    • Shark-Ray Alley
    • Turtle Rock Island
    • Hol Chan MPA
  • Visit Lamanai, a mesoamerican archeological site and former Mayan civilization
SSIR Out of the Sea: Belize 2016