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Urban Labs

The purpose of these urban labs in the city of Richmond is to help students see first–hand, as they continue to study the role local, state and national governments, activists, planners and citizens have played in shaping cities. Richmond serves as an urban lab to delve deeply into these issues and to consider cities within local, national and transnational contexts.

There are seven labs that students in the Urban Americas community will participate in

Fall 2013 Urban Lab Schedule

September 4, 2013: Windshield Tour of Richmond, in conjunction with Peter Paul Development Center

September 11, 2013: RVA Street Arts Festival (meet with artists and activist)

September 18, 2013: Transportation Lab (experiencing public transportation, thinking about its future)

September 25, 2013: Tour of public housing project

October 23, 2013: Lab focusing around education

October 30, 2013: Walking the Richmond Liberty and Slave Trails

November 6, 2013: University of Richmond Downtown