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Assessment and Evaluation

The Office of Living-Learning and Roadmap Programs engages in a number of assessment and evaluation methods to measure program effectiveness and learning outcomes. 

Sophomore Scholars in Residence

For the 2008 reaffirmation of accreditation process, the University submitted a QEP for a new living-learning program designed for sophomores—Sophomore Scholars-in-Residence (SSIR). The University's QEP was approved by SACSCOC and began in 2009-10 (with an initial pilot in 2008-09). In 2014, the University submitted a QEP Impact Report documenting the successful implementation of the program. This report was approved by SACSCOC.

The Sophomore Scholars in Residence program measures six learning outcomes:

  • Students will demonstrate in-depth knowledge and understanding within the themed discipline
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to identify and apply knowledge and techniques to solve problems critically and to create a mode of inquiry
  • Students will demonstrate effective communication skills with faculty, peers, and other professionals
  • Students will demonstrate the capacity for self-reflection and self-awareness that can lead to greater independence and personal self direction
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to interact with peers and engage them in the process of learning as part of a team approach
  • Students will demonstrate respect for others, honesty, a consistently good work ethic, positive attitude, full participation and responsibility in the education process as well as in the living community