Self-Discovery and Social Change: Living a Life of Consequence

What does it mean to live a life of consequence? How does self-discovery lead to social change?

This course will engage the ethical, creative, and reflective imaginations of students by examining various models of social engagement, and different pathways to self-discovery, in light of the significant social challenges of our time.

Inside the Classroom

The material will present real world examples of leaders who have lived lives of consequence by creatively engaging the challenges of their day. The course will expose students to significant themes in philosophical and theological ethics, and display a variety of perspectives on social transformation, as a means of connecting leadership, ethics, and social good.

The course aims to integrate theory and practice by encouraging students to reflect on their own talents, passions, and aspirations towards a consequential life in the context of what they are learning.

Outside the Classroom

During fall break, students will travel to the downtown east side of Vancouver, Canada, one of the most beautiful and socially challenged areas of the western world. Through interactions with public and private sector leaders and a variety of organizations, the class will explore how different categories of engagement are practiced effectively in an area of the world beset by social challenge. 

Spring Semester and Capstone Project

The spring semester will be devoted to capstone presentations in which students will explore, create, and display the discoveries they made throughout the year through a multi-media format which will incorporate the immersion experience in Vancouver, the theoretical content of the course, and the students' own lived experiences in addressing the question: What does it mean to live a life of consequence?

Sample Course Readings

 Angela Duckworth, GRIT: The Power and Passion of Perseverance

Jacqueline Novogratz, Manifesto for a Moral Revolution

Muhammed Unis, Poverty is a Threat to Peace

Beth Macy, Dopesick

Parker Palmer, Let Your Life Speak