Apply to be a Resident Assistant

Students who are interested in being both a Resident Assistant (RA) as well as participating within the SSIR program, will need to complete both application and interview processes.  SSIR communities do not have dedicated RAs, but if an applicant does well in both applicaiton and interview processes they may be offered the chance to participate in SSIR while being an RA in South Court.  Please be aware there are a limited number of spots so some students who apply for both roles will need to choose between being an RA or being a member of an SSIR community.

Themed Communities will have a dedicated RA for their communities.  Returning RAs are able to apply for these potisions through the returning RA application process.

The process for RA selection occurs every January–Februray and consists of an application, and interview process.

If you have questions regarding the resident assistant position, please contact Ashley Owens, Associate Director of Residence Life.