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Dr. Scott Johnson

Associate Professor of Communication Studies
  • Publications
    Journal Articles

    Johnson, S. D., & Williams, L. B. (2005). Deference, denial, & exclusion: Men talk about contraception and unplanned pregnancy. International Journal of Men's Health, 4, 223-242.

    Johnson, S. D., & Miller, A. N. (2002). A Cross-Cultural Study of Immediacy, Credibility, and Learning in the U.S. and Kenya. Communication Education, 51, 280-292.

    Mifsud, M. L., & Johnson, S. D. (2000). Dialogic, Dialectic, and Rhetoric: Human dialogue across the discipline. The Southern Communication Journal, 65, 91-104.

    Johnson, S. D., & Roellke, C. F. (1999). Secondary teachers' and undergraduate education faculty members' perceptions of teaching effectiveness criteria: A national survey. Communication Education, 48, 127-138.

    Johnson, S. D., & Bechler, C. (1998).  Examining the relationship between listening effectiveness and leadership emergence: Perceptions, behaviors, and recall. Small Group Research, 29, 452-471.

    Johnson, S. D., & Bechler, C. (1997). Leadership and listening: Perceptions and behaviors. Speech Communication Annual, 11, 57-70.

    Bechler, C., & Johnson, S. D. (1995). Leadership and listening: A study of member perceptions. Small Group Research, 26, 77-85.

    Johnson, S. D. (1994). A national assessment of secondary-school principals’ preferences for teacher-effectiveness criteria. Communication Education, 43, 1-16.
    Book Chapters

    Johnson, S. D., & Long, L. (2001). 'Being a part and being apart': A dialectical perspective on group communication. In L. Frey (Ed.), New Directions in Group Communication Research, Sage Publications.

    Johnson, S. D., & Proctor, R. F. II (1995).  Intrapersonal perception and epistemic rhetoric: Playing ball with the neglected umpire.  In J. Aitkin & L. J. Shedletsky (Eds.), Intrapersonal Communication Processes. Plymouth, MI: Midnight Oil & Speech Communication Association.


    Johnson, S. D. (1994). The rules of friend and mate relationships. (A review of A. M. Nicotera’s Communication in Friend and Mate Relationships.) Communication Quarterly, 42, 452.

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