SSIR Faculty Learning Community

Faculty teaching within the Sophomore Scholars in Residence program will have the benefit of their own learning community. Faculty will spend the academic year prior to offering their SSIR course for the first time working to develop the course curriculum and co-curriculum to fulfill the SSIR learning outcomes, while faculty who are currently teaching within SSIR will be able to reflect upon their experience and seek advice from other faculty and professionals. The faculty learning community provides a forum for faculty to engage with one another over a specific topic, theme or teaching approach, given the unique nature of the program.

The monthly meetings of the learning community occur over lunch and utlize expertise from around campus and research to inform their conversations.

Topics include:

  • Program standards for evaluating student projects, proposals, classroom-embedded assessments
  • The emerging research around high-impact practices and their effect on retention, persistance and student satisfaction
  • Cross-cultural communication and teaching within diverse classrooms
  • How to effectively incorporate community-based learning in the course
  • Faculty role in the selection of a resident assistant
  • Interviewing and selection techniques for students applying
  • How to incorporate meaningful reflection into the community
  • Sophomore student development theory
  • Effectively incorporating co-curricular elements to their syllabus in intentional and meaningful ways
  • Issues related to traveling with students
  • Developing meaningful capstone project experiences
  • The unique dynamic of students in class together as well as living together