Sophomore Scholars Course Renewal

After a faculty member has fulfilled their initial two-year commitment to Sophomore Scholars, faculty have the ability to “renew” their course. The renewal process (as with the new proposal process) is administered by the Student Co-Curricular Academic Initiatives Commitee, and consists of the following:

  • The faculty member completes a renewal application (due December 1 each year) that asks the faculty member to reflect upon their experience teaching in the SSIR program, noting any curricular or experiential changes they plan to make. A faculty member may request a one-year or two-year renewal (the two-year renewal can also defer in cases of sabbatical or research leave).
  • The New Student and Transition Programs office will submit an addendum to the renewal application that indicates: enrollment patterns in the SSIR course that captures quantitatively student interest, student applications and yield, community demographics, as well as quantitative and qualitative community pre/post experience survey data (if available). A budget summary from the community will also be submitted.
  • The department chair, Dean (in the case of Jepson, SPCS, or Law), or VP (in case of staff with faculty status) will submit a “support for course renewal,” indicating that the department supports both the course and the faculty member’s continued participation in SSIR; any data or information about course impact to the department should also be submitted.

The Student Co-Curricular Academic Initiatives Commitee, will review renewal requests as well as new proposals, and recommend to the University Faculty Senate a slate of courses. The committee will look at the overall landscape of the program thematically, paying particular attention to discipline and school representation, as well as all the supporting documents outlined above.

SSIR Course Renewal Form

First Name:

Last Name:


Faculty Status:

Tenured Status :

SSIR Course Title:

Renewal Options:
One-year  Two-years

Please reflect upon your experience teaching within the Sophomore Scholars in Residence program?

What changes would you make, either curricular or experiential, to your course if it was renewed?

How did this course impact sophomore students in terms of the developmental issues they might face during their second year, such as choice of major, career path, or lack of engagement?

Summarize the value-added aspects of the course to the Sophomore Scholars in Residence program, as well as the University. What did this course contribute to the overall academic landscape?

All SSIR faculty agree to:

  • Assist with training and advising subsequent cohorts of participating faculty members
  • Be involved in the interviews and selection of a SSIR community resident assistant
  • Be involved in the recruitment and selection of SSIR community students
  • Teach the one-unit course in the fall semester, and the half-unit course in the spring semester
  • Be involved and committed to the assessment aspect of the project

Sophomore Scholars in Residence faculty are remunerated:

  • $7,500 in a stipend ($3,750 paid December 1 and $3,750 paid April 1)
  • Note that faculty who renew are not eligible for a course reduction, nor have any course development funds

By submitting this form I agree that if selected as a SSIR faculty member, I will accept these responsibilities.