Participating in The Richmond Endeavor Program

The Richmond Endeavor is designed for students to create meaningful bonds and friendships with their fellow classmates, develop a relationship with a faculty member during their first year at Richmond, and connect their interests both inside and outside of the classroom.

Students are expected to agree to the terms outlined in the student contract that they receive when they are offered a place in the community.

Updated: March 24, 2024

Terms for Student Participation for the 2024-25 Academic Year

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  • Academic Requirements
    • Commit to enrolling in the fall semester and spring semester courses
    • Students must successfully pass the fall semester course to be able to continue to participate in the spring semester course

    The Office of New Student and Transition Programs will pre-enroll all Endeavor students into their respective Endeavor course prior to regular course registration each semester. Students cannot drop or change the course within BannerWeb without first contacting the Associate Director.

  • Residential Requirements
    • Arrive to campus and move-in on Sunday, August 18, 2024
    • Students participating in Endeavor will live with another student(s), of the same gender, within a double room within Lora Robins Court. Roommates may not necessarily be participating within the same Endeavor community
    • After a student accepts their offer to participate in the program, they will be notified of all other members within the program
    • Roommates: students may request a roommate with another Endeavor students. Students should use the "roommate matching" feature within StarRez to "link" with another Endeavor student as a roommate. If a student "links" with a non-Endeavor student, that link will be broken and a roommate match will be made with an Endeavor student.
    • Read and agree to the terms of the Housing Contract
    • Housing accommodations are available for students whose medical-related conditions or disabilities substantially limit their housing needs. However, to be considered for such special housing, they must submit a completed disability accommodation application and documentation to Disability Services.
    • Gender flexible housing (GFH): Incoming students who identify beyond the binary, including but not limited to genderqueer, gender questioning, or trans students are encouraged to contact the Associate Director to ensure that the University is meeting their housing needs
  • Co-Curricular Requirements
    • Attend co-curricular events planned by the faculty that do not interfere with another academic course; these events (dates and times) will be listed in the course syllabus or given by the faculty member
    • Participate in the Roadmap to Success program between August 18–21, 2024
    • Complete the online consent/release for off-campus experiences in BannerWeb
    • Be an active member of the Endeavor program by participating in programs sponsored by the Endeavor Navigators, fellow community members, and the living-learning programs office
  • Withdrawing from The Richmond Endeavor

    Because participation in The Richmond Endeavor includes both a student’s academic and residential experience, withdrawing from the program can have multiple implications. If a student wants to withdraw from the program, the student will need to meet with the Director to discuss the reasons they wish to withdraw, and determine which actions are appropriate.

    If a student chooses to withdraw, the following actions could occur:

    • Change in residential housing assignment
    • Dropping the fall and/or spring course(s)
    • Reassignment of academic advisor

    The actions listed above depend on the timing of when the student withdraws from the program, whether there is available housing within the first-year residence halls, and the reasons why the student wants to withdraw.

  • Removal from The Richmond Endeavor

    The Office of New Student and Transition Programs may remove a student from The Richmond Endeavor program should the student not follow-through with the terms of this participation agreement. Prior to a student’s removal, the student will be required to meet with the director of living-learning programs to discuss their involvement in the community and determine any corrective course of action.

    The Richmond and Westhampton College Deans’ Offices, as part of the student disciplinary process, may also remove a student from a living-learning community who violates conduct outlined in the Student Handbook.

    A student who is removed, may be required to move out of the residence hall the community is housed in and withdraw from the course associated with the community, withdraw from the fall and/or spring course(s), and be reassigned to a new academic advisor.