Leadership for an Equitable and Socially Just Society

A global pandemic. Attacks on democracy at home and abroad. (Un)natural disasters. What events will define your generation? How will your generation define these events? The last few years have forced us to take a step back and reckon with who we are—not only as a country, but as a university. Now is the time for us to consider who we aspire to be.

We will explore fundamental questions related to leadership, conceived both negatively as a bare negotiation of power and positively as an effort to exercise legitimate, constructive influence over consenting followers. Looking at American society in the past and present, we will consider how various -isms—racism, sexism, classism, ableism, and ageism—have informed our perceptions of leaders and shaped the ways that they wield power over others. Looking ahead, we will confront our own assumptions about justice and develop tools for assessing how we can build a more just and equitable society.

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  • Coursework Overview

    The coursework for this Endeavor community involves taking a one-unit course in the fall semester and a one-unit course in the spring semester.

    Fall 2022 Semester

    Spring 2023 Semester

    LDST 101: Leadership and the Humanities (1 unit)

    LDST 210: Justice and Civil Society (1 unit)

    LDST 101 is a required course for students majoring or minoring in Leadership Studies

    LDST 210 is a required course for students majoring or minoring in Leadership Studies, as well as a required course for all Bonner Scholars.

  • Specific Course Information

    LDST 101: Leadership and the Humanities

    Introduction to leadership as an object of study through examination of its historical foundations and intellectual development. Readings selected from history, literature, philosophy, political theory, religion, and social theory. Emphasis on assessing these texts in light of reasoned argument and on drawing out their implications for leadership studies.

    LDST 210: Justice and Civil Society

    Exploration of contemporary society and understandings of justice. Readings on civil society, theories of justice, and analysis of poverty and related socio-economic problems. Includes a service learning component with critical reflection on community service to populations in need.

  • Faculty Information


    Dr. Lauren Henley is an assistant professor of Leadership Studies


    Dr. Marilie Coetsee is an assistant professor of Leadership Studies

  • Roadmap Short Course Information

    As part of the Endeavor program, you will participate in the popular Roadmap to Success pre-orientation program, where you will take a short course led by Jepson faculty.

    Short Course Description: What is Right?

    In college, one of the most useful skills you can learn isn’t critical thinking—it’s critical questioning. Using historical and contemporary examples, this course teaches you how to ask those thought-provoking questions essential to a liberal arts education. By steeping yourself in nuanced cases ripe for debate, you will be expected to defend where you stand, articulate your beliefs, and, in the process, learn more about who you are.