Why Participate in The Richmond Endeavor?

There are many reasons why a student should participate in The Richmond Endeavor. By participating in Endeavor, you can:

  • Make new friends with similar interests
  • Be part of a tight-knit community within the larger university campus
  • Form close connections with a faculty member from the first day you move to campus
  • Build your confidence in your academic abilities
  • Explore and get to know the city of Richmond, your home for at least the next four years

Research Shows

Living-learning communities are considered a High-Impact Educational Practice by the Association of American Colleges and Universities, because they increase student engagement, retention, and persistence. Students in living-learning communities are more likely to have increased peer interactions around their academics and experience a more enriching educational environment. Living-learning communities helps to foster community, diversity, and engaged learning

Living-learning communities have a proven history of being practical, effective means of addressing concerns like academic performance, retention, and satisfaction with college. Research shows students that participate in a living-learning community:

  • Higher first-semester grade point average
  • Graduate at higher rates
  • Have more social interactions with peers
  • Have more interactions with faculty members
  • Higher satisfaction with the University of Richmond