Faculty Proposals for The Richmond Endeavor

Faculty proposals are currently being accepted for the new Richmond Endeavor program for the 2023–24 academic year.

Faculty who participate agree to serve as the academic advisor to the sixteen students in their community from summer pre-matriculation until the students declares a major; participate in the Roadmap to Success pre-orientation program; teach a fall one-unit course in the fall semester; and lead a .5 unit project-based course in the spring semester. In lieu of a .5 unit course semester, the faculty member may also propose another 1 unit course in the spring semester.

Submitting a Proposal

Faculty proposals for the 2023–24 academic year are due by December 1, 2022, and can be submitted electronically. Proposals require the approval and support of a faculty member's department chair, or, in the case of leadership studies, law, or continuing and professional studies, the dean of that school. In the case of academic staff, the approval of the department head is required.

Proposals are reviewed by the Student Co-Curricular Academic Initiatives Commitee; the committee then recommends a slate of courses to the University Faculty Senate for approval.

Faculty who are interested in submitting a proposal are encouraged to meet with Nicole Maurantonio, faculty director for the first-year and second-year experience, and Andrew Gurka, director of living-learning programs, who will help guide them through the process.