Endeavor Pre-Orientation for Parents and Families

We appreciate that this is a bittersweet time for parents and families. Whether this is the first child to go off to college or one of several, it can be an emotional time for everyone. By participating in the Endeavor Pre-Orientation program, students begin their college experience on a positive note—having fun and making friends in a community of students and faculty who will become their support system during the sometimes bumpy road ahead. Our Endeavor faculty and staff are committed to making the Richmond experience a positive one.

We want parents and families to be involved with their student's Endeavor experience. We provide a Transition Programs Parent and Family Orientation to give parents the necessary information and resources so that they leave campus feeling knowledgeable and assured about Richmond.

After the parent and family sessions on Monday, most parents and families depart campus. They may choose to participate in the regular New Spider Orientation. There are many local hotels near campus, as well as plenty to do to explore the city.

Endeavor students begin the program on Sunday afternoon and continue through Wednesday morning, attending their short course class, seminars that introduce them to concepts and tactics to help make the most of their time at Richmond, as well as leaving campus on their chosen excursion into the City of Richmond. They also have opportunities to socialize with other students in the evening during formal and informal activities. After Endeavor Pre-Orientation is over for students, they will go directly into the scheduled New Spider Orientation with the rest of their class.