Endeavor Pre-Orientation Experience

The first year of college comes with new experiences, new people, and a lot of choices to make and things to explore. So what's the best way to navigate these changes and continue to excel academically?

Part of Endeavor includes a pre-semester experience before New Spider Orientation.

During Endeavor Pre-Orientation students interact with faculty, staff, administrators, and our orientation advisors (OA's) who will offer advice and help on a variety of topics through both the pre-semester experience and the academic year. These topics include:

  • Understanding the power of a liberal arts education
  • Developing work-life balance habits in college
  • Effectively using academic support services
  • Becoming a member of the University of Richmond community
  • Becoming engaged in the surrounding community and city of Richmond
  • Considering paths to careers and courses

Endeavor and its pre-orientation program allows for students to make bonds and form friendships with a smaller group of new students, before the rest of the first-year class moves in later that week. We regularly hear from students that the friends they make during pre-orientation remain their friends during the first-year and help make the transition to Orientation and the school year easier.