Faculty Proposals for Sophomore Scholars

Faculty proposals are currently being accepted for Sophomore Scholars in Residence for the 2025–26 academic year.

Courses are taught by dedicated and talented faculty members that serve as mentors to the students within the SSIR community, guiding them in their research and academic pursuits. Faculty members prepare the experiential learning components for students and travel with them over weekends and breaks on planned community trips, in coordination with and with the support of the living-learning programs office. While faculty members do not reside with the SSIR community, many hold office hours in the residence halls, teach in residence hall classrooms, and have meals with the students.

Submitting a Proposal

Proposals require the approval and support of a faculty member's department chair, or, in the case of leadership studies, law, or continuing and professional studies, the dean of that school. In the case of academic staff, the approval of the department head is required. Please review the timeline for developing a SSIR course.

Proposals are reviewed by the Student Co-Curricular Academic Initiatives Committee; the committee then recommends a slate of courses to the University Faculty Senate for approval. Faculty whose proposals are accepted are eligible to a number of resources while they develop their SSIR course, as well as will participate in a SSIR development seminar the year prior to their course being offered.

Faculty who are interested in submitting a proposal are strongly encouraged to meet with Nicole Maurantonio, faculty director for the first-year and second-year experience, and Sage Ober, director of new student and transition programs, who will help guide them through the process.