SSIR Faculty Resources

Sophomore Scholars in Residence faculty participants will have access to a number of resources prior to teaching the course, as well as during the course to enhance the student experience.

Prior to Teaching

While the faculty are participating in the year-long faculty learning community, they are eligible for a one-course reduction to their teaching load, either during the fall or spring semester. Faculty will need to work with their department chair or dean to determine when the course release occurs. The Sophomore Scholars program has money available to department chairs and academic schools to hire adjuncts while faculty have their course release. The director of living-learning programs will work with the appropriate chair or school to transfer those funds.

Faculty are able to utilize $1,500 in course development funds to assist them in their planning. Faculty typically use these funds for travel, books, conference attendance, or technology, that directly relates to their SSIR course development. Faculty will work with the living-learning programs staff to access these funds.

Faculty have the support of the Office of New Student and Transition Programs staff to assist them administratively in their course planning. They will also interact with frequently with past faculty of SSIR communities to enhance the community of knowledge in their planning.

During the Course

While faculty are teaching their SSIR course, they have access to $30,000 of programming funds to support special out-of-class activities central to the course. Such activities may take the form of travel for the group research project or generally for expenses supporting student learning.

SSIR faculty are compensated $7,500 (split and paid at the end of each semester) for teaching a SSIR course. Faculty also stay connected to the faculty learning community, to help reflect upon their experience, learn from their colleagues and assist in the development of new communities.

The Office of New Student and Transition Programs provides significant administrative support to faculty while they are teaching their SSIR course.