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Richmond Endeavor Faculty Resources

Richmond Endeavor faculty have access to a number of resources prior to participating in the program, as well as throughout their experience in the program.

Faculty have the support from both the Office of Living-Learning & Roadmap Programs and the Academic Advising Resource Center staff to assist them administratively in their course planning, and throughout their time participating in The Richmond Endeavor. 

Richmond Endeavor faculty will be remunerated with a $7,500 stipend (paid $3,750 on December 1 and $3,750 paid on April 1), and have access to $5,000 in programming funds to support co-curricular programs, experiential learning, and the spring project. The fall semester course will count towards the faculty member's established teaching load.

Faculty who "team teach" with another faculty member will split the advising load of students, as well as split the stipend for remuneration. It will be at the determination of each school whether the team-teaching counts in-full or in-half toward each faculty member's established teaching load.

Faculty members typically cannot participate in The Richmond Endeavor two years in a row, due to the advising load.

There is no course release affliiated with a faculty member's participation in The Richmond Endeavor. 

Richmond Endeavor courses are capped at sixteen students. If the fall semester course typically has a capacity higher than 16, adjunct replacement funds can be made available to the school to support the faculty member’s participation in The Richmond Endeavor.

Endeavor Navigators

Each Richmond Endeavor community will also have a dedicated peer-advisor, called Endeavor Navigators, who will together with the faculty member through the summer and first-year to provide peer advising assistance to students in the community, will serve as the Orientation Assistant during the Roadmap to Success program, and assist the faculty member during the fall course or spring project.