The Business of Science

How do new scientific discoveries make it from lab-to-market?

Students in this course will investigate the design process for developing new pharmaceuticals and their impact on the businesses that make them.

Inside the Classroom

Students will learn about theory and research of drug and vaccine design. We will merge this theory and research with practice and observation within business management contexts. Combining literatures from management and molecular life sciences, we will examine the components of successful entrepreneurial endeavors. We will study some of the basic science needed for discovery and validation of potential pharmaceutical agents and subsequent progress through clinical trials, as well as issues surrounding intellectual property of the discovery. From a business management perspective, we will examine the organization, mission, and financial factors that influence the biotechnology industry.

Outside the Classroom

Students will have the opportunity to put their theory into practice by engaging with biotechnology oriented businesses in the Richmond community and in the Dominican Republic while working with our partner organization, Esperanza International. We will help build awareness in the DR for a vaccine campaign promoted by Esperanza International. Students will draw on their collective capabilities and newly developed theoretical expertise by designing and distributing speaking books. Students will present the outcome of their knowledge and research to the fundraising and healthcare teams at Esperanza during their community trip over fall break.

Research and Capstone Project

In order to utilize the knowledge and skills we have learned, students will prepare and implement a proposal for the production of a campaign to augment the healthcare mission of Esperanza in the Dominican Republic. The students will present their plans to a panel of leaders from Esperanza who will debate the issues and decide which plan is most likely to be funded/have best chance to succeed.