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Capstone Projects

For this SSIR course, students designed their own capstone experience that included group externships. Each project consisted of groups of two to four students who either:

  • Elected to live outside UR with selected communities for an intensive period, or 
  • Visited with them on a regular basis throughout the spring semester

The project consisted of students spending at least 50 hours with the community they select. The research and planning for this capstone experience was presented in a proposal format outlining the project in the fall semester. Students were given access to $1,000–$1,200 per student to support the project.

2011-12 Projects
The projects for the 2011-12 academic year, had students in three groups who traveled over Spring Break to live with the following communities, conducted interviews with members who are part of the community, local experts and others. These experiential trips served as part of their larger capstone project. 

L'Arch Lambeth
South London, England
Topic: studying an intentional community for people with learning disabilities 

Pura Suerte
La Florida, Costa Rica
Topic: studying a self-sustaining agricultural intentional community 

Arcosanti and Celebration communities
Arizona and Florida
Topic: studying, comparing and contrasting two planned communities as alternatives to urban living