Mission and Values

Updated: November 1, 2021


The Office of New Student and Transition Programs creates structures and opportunities where students, faculty, and staff connect through shared experiences inside and outside of the classroom that prepare students to apply their learning to a complex and diverse world.


In addition to the values of the University of Richmond, we believe in:

A COMMUNITY OF SCHOLARS. Where students from all backgrounds are connected to peers with shared interests in an academic, residential environment.

FACULTY AS MENTORS. In support of the teacher-scholar model, providing resources, incentives, and support for faculty to be innovative in their teaching and establish relationships where they thoughtfully guide and mentor students in their academic pursuits.

HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT. Provide opportunities for students to make connections between their learning, their experiences, and their personal development.

THE IMPORTANCE OF HIGH IMPACT PROGRAMS. Engaging faculty and staff mentors who challenge and support students in their development as emerging adults and scholars.