UR Living Well

Want to be a part of a living-learning community centered around well-being? The UR Living Well community offers a unique shared living experience to students interested in pursuing and promoting a healthy, well-balanced life during their time at the University of Richmond.

UR Living Well residents can look forward to unique bonding experiences, well-being retreats, certification opportunities, traveling, and exclusive access to gathering spaces within the Well-Being Center. Residents will work with faculty sponsors to craft the UR Living Well community to be exactly what they want it to be and create the foundation for future residents. They will be a pivotal part of creating an overall culture of well-being on campus.

Programming in the UR Living Well community will be centered around the following themes:

Self Care and Balance

Residents of UR Living Well will be given tools and opportunities to become more aware of how their everyday habits and behaviors are tied to their academic success and overall healthy living. They will build and enhance skills to achieve balance so that they can better learn, experience, and grow in their own well-being and become role models on campus. Students will also be able to practice and learn how to balance all of the dimensions of wellness - physical, emotional, social, occupational, environmental, financial, intellectual, and spiritual - and define what that balance truly means to them.

Experiential Learning

Members of the UR Living Well community will have opportunities to learn from experts on campus and in the greater Richmond community within all of the dimensions of wellness. They will be learn specific tools to help enhance their practice and learning on certain aspects of their well-being,  There will also be carefully crafted trips and travel experiences during school breaks to allow for growth, reflection, and relaxation (and social wellness!).

Community Trip to Charlotte, NC

Students in the UR Living Well Themed Community will take part in a trip to Charlotte, NC over fall break to better develop their community, participate in activities related to wellness, and take time to for themselves.

Some of the activities students may participate in are:

  • Hiking
  • Riding Paddle Boats
  • Visiting Local Art Museums
  • Taking a Class at the Coterie
  • Watching the Charlotte Ballet
  • Participating in Team Building Activities

Well-Being Education and Certifications

Residents of the UR Living Well community will be given a stipend to pursue a well-being related certification to build their resume and further their knowledge of an area they are passionate about. Examples include, but are not limited to, certifications in personal training, group exercise, wellness coaching, peer education, or any continuing education related to a certification they may have already earned. They will also have opportunities to create outreach programs to put their certifications to use and help their peers learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle or improve their well-being habits.

How to Apply?

  • Applicants may need to be interviewed by the staff advisor