Traveling with a Sophomore Scholars or Living-Learning Community

Whether the community travels regionally, domestically or internationally, the experiential learning components are integral to the Sophomore Scholars or living-learning communities experience, as it enhances and offers context to the classroom learning. Students are able to connect what they have been reading, researching and studying in the course, associated with the community, through travel and meeting with community partners, experts, and organizations. Students regularly report that the trips they went on, as a community, were one of their most meaningful experiences in the Sophomore Scholars or living-learning community.

Where each community travels is dependent on the nature of the course, budget, and existing and new partnership opportunities with local partners, experts and organizations. While traveling with a Sophomore Scholars or living-learning community, all costs (including meals, hotel, airfare) are paid for entirely by the University of Richmond.

Communities typically travel over break periods (fall break, Thanksgiving break, or the week prior to the spring semester beginning in January) or over weekends, as to avoid students missing their other classes. Students in the community are required to commit to the travel dates when they are accepted to the community the February prior, attend the entire trip, and follow the policies and expectations during the trip, as outlined in the trip policies. Prior to departure, all students are required to attend a pre-departure meeting, where important information about the trip is shared, including:

  • Trip itinerary (shared both electronically and in paper-form)
  • Safety information
  • Intercultural sensitivity and information
  • Rules and expectations
  • Helpful tips, packing list, and reminders