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Living-Learning Community Council

The Living-Learning Community Council (LLCC) is comprised of representatives from each first-year,  Sophomore Scholars and Themed community. Each of the 21 communities* elects or chooses a representative to serve on the council, which meets monthly throughout the academic year. 

The goals of the council are to:

  • Provide a forum for students to share what they are doing within their communities with each other
  • Serve in an advisory capacity to the office of living-learning programs, by providing feedback, suggestions and concerns from students in the communities
  • Serve as ambassadors for living-learning communities at Admission events, information sessions and other opportunities to speak to current and prospective students, as well as to the broader University community
  • Build community between students across communities, through programming, events or other means

The Office of Living-Learning Programs provides support and funding to the Community Council to achieve these goals. 

The LLCC is led by an executive board of 3 officers elected from the 21 community representatives. The officers and their roles are listed below:

  • Chair: The chair shall preside over the living-learning community council meetings. They shall act as the official spokesperson for the council, including activng as a liaison to other organizations, the office of living-learning progrmas, and the coordinate colleges. They shall prepare agenda items for each meeting and initiate committees as needed. The chair shall determine budgets for events and programs in collaboration with the vice-chair for events.
  • Vice-Chair for Communications: The vice-chair for communications shall assist the chair in any of their functions and shall take charge when the chair is unavailable. The communications chair shall keep accurate records of the council’s proceedings by taking minutes at each meeting. They shall notify the council and living-learning communities of all meetings and be responsible for correspondence and distribution of copies of the minutes following each meeting. The communications chair will also lead any uses of social media on behalf of the council.
  • Vice-Chair for Events: The vice-chair for events shall oversee all social events sponsored by the living-learning council. They shall coordinate all programming efforts (planning, publicity, etc.), They vice-chair will organize and delegate admissions day responsibilities to the council representatives. They may form committees from representatives on the council for the planning and facilitation of events. 

Elections/the choosing of representatives will occur by September 11, 2017. The first meeting, at which the executive board shall be elected, will occur the evening of September 21, 2017 at 6pm in THC 310.

Representatives may not be Resident Assistants, though RAs are welcome to attend meetings in a liaison capacity with residence life.

*Communities included in the council are: the 9 SSIR communities, the 10 first-year living-learning communities, Earth Lodge, and Global House (including La Casa Hispànica).